A serving of payback to suit all seasons


by admin on December 12, 2012

By Martti Lahtinen

To everything, the Book of Ecclesiastes says, there is a season – as immortalized in the 60s by Pete Seeger and The Byrds, and abbreviated simply to “Turn, Turn, Turn” – which sets some to thinking that recognizing good right-abouts should not be limited to a frantic December holiday period.

They ought to be rewarded post haste all year, and the opportunity to commend a ‘save the day’ situation presented itself recently.

The municipality’s abrupt closing of the Farm Point Community Centre for repairs resulted in organizers needing to shift their annual children’s Christmas breakfast party to a stop-gap venue.

However it went down, they turned to La Vallee Restaurant to stage the event and it went off without a hitch Dec. 9.

If any Tulip regular has failed to notice the spirit of community that revolves about the eatery all season – the many do-gooder fundraisers it sponsors – here’s a thought: the restaurant is up for sale (to goodness knows whom and when), meaning the comfort zone for food and thought courtesy Dan, Odette and staff may not have the same bite down the road.

The atmosphere is a Hills version of Cheers, with its set pieces of beery philosophers jawing at the bar and the gabby tea and coffee-fueled gabfesters slurping refills that never jibe with the one-cup tally at the cash machine on exit.

The Low Down would be remiss also if it did not promote the Hwy 105 eatery as a dining destination at any hour.

The Tulip was somehow passed over in the nominations for top breakfast stop in the Best of the Gatineau Hills voting this past summer. There aren’t many that would disagree with its Bisonburger heralded as being no less than the best they’ve ever had in their whole life.

Thus, to make up and curry favour in future, we offer just desserts in song: a parodied version of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” originally penned by Carol King, to whom we apologize, of course. You might YouTube it for a (Shirelles) serving of the original.

Tulip Valley, it’s your time of the season and your turn. Enjoy.




Will You Still Stuff Me Tomorrow

Tonight we dine, repletely
You serve our meal, so sweetly
Tonight, the bite, of love is in your fries
Will you still stuff me, tomorrow?

Beyond this fasting, measure
You serve a gourmand, pleasure
Can I, believe, the grub before my eyes
Will you still stuff me, tomorrow?

Tonight with words, unspoken
And with my tight pants half undone
Will all my wind, be broken
When I hit the can on the run?

I have to know that your scoff
Is stuff I can get off of
So tell me now, and I won’t ask again
Will you still stuff me, tomorrow?

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