A South African gem


by admin on August 6, 2010

Christina Stobert finds a lucky gem in the unluckiest of all wine places: the Dep. 

Cape One, Lot 97, South Africa, 9.50$

This white gem has a surprising mix of white wine taste, along with some fruit and acidity. I kid you not, it’s the best white from the Dep I have had yet. This is the reason I depart from the Depanneur wine and hopefully bring forth my promised great finds in the SAQ. It is time, my people. I have nothing left to say and I fear that being forced to drink too much Dep wine is now turning my palate into “white trash”, (please excuse the term!) I will repeat for the last time, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH DEP WINE. There’s not a lot right about it either.

Guide line: I have found consistently that it is foolish to buy Dep wine from certain countries. Dep wine is left over wine that they can’t sell in their own country. (Note you will not see a Canadian Dep Wine) It is shipped to Quebec and bottled in Quebec.

Top 5, Bad to Worst….South Africa, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Australia.

My findings are that France and America are always over priced and really bad. I would have expected more from the 10$ to 14$ a bottle range. Australia is also usually more expensive but is drinkable.  Remember, you are not a wine snob, you are looking for a cheap, quick solution to your empty wine rack at the last minute. So walk in to that store, hold your head up high and buy with confidence. Just don’t  waste your money thinking you are getting value because you are not. You are buying soul-less alcohol from a sweat factory outside of Montreal, but to be fair someone did crush those grapes for us and send us their left over’s, so praise Jesus for Quebec making it available to us until 11pm at our local stores that are opened late.

Yours Thirsty, Mary Christina Andrea Stobert

p.s. Don’t ever buy Rose from a Dep, no good one exists.