‘Agitator’ fair, but not for headline


by admin on October 14, 2009

The Editor,

There was an article in your paper last week about Huguette Poulin  - many read it I am sure. I didn’t like the headline at first very much – but then I got thinking.
It said:  ”Meech creek agitator killed by emergency vehicle”.An “agitator” is someone who agitates for or against a cause. It was fair to describe Huguette this way, but the truth is we should all be “agitators”. Hopefully someone or some people are going to keep agitating – and see that the future of the Meech Creek Valley is respectful of the injustices the expropriation caused.  We are grateful to Judy Grant who was instrumental in seeing this land fall into the bounds of the Park and not in the hands of developers – but all is not assured – so there is a need to keep agitating.
Church and state corruption caused a lot of injury to Huguette and to us as a family. The pain inflicted was certainly one engine of this agitation.
The other thrust was Huguette’s love for nature that most of us also share and need to defend.   The problem is not enough of us are getting agitated about it.
The planet is warming up at an alarming rate from our greed, ignorance and in-action, and as billions of others suffer more than we do from it, we better agitate ourselves. We have already induced significant change and there’s more coming.  I’ve met the Egyptian farmer who has to leave his land because of sea level rise.  I’ve met Marsh Arab Sheiks whose 5,000-year-old homeland may not recover from Saddam’s decade of drying because of changes in rainfall, and my colleagues have met the Bangladeshi family or other coastal residents around the world whose homes are already flooded or destroyed by intensifying storms and disasters.  These are all impacts of climate change.
So if you have a true love for life, for the rest of humanity and this earth, we better all become an agitator.
It shouldn’t be a news headline.
Farewell agitator/ Good-bye Huguette.

Claire Miquet

Wakefield, Quebec