Aislin cartoon has left-right tempest brewing in a teapot


by admin on February 2, 2011

The Editor,

In case Richard Betz didn’t notice, the Aislin teapot cartoon was on the Editorial page (Low Down, Jan. 12 editon), which is where comment and opinion is properly located.

It’s the same page where previous Low Down publisher Art Mantell’s periodic extreme right-wing views are expressed.

Since Richard Betz had no complaint about those right-wing rants having been published, it seems to what he is really objecting are pungent political comments that come from the left, and Aislin’s excellent cartoon was right on target. And as a picture, it’s worth more than a thousand words.

The Tea Party’s and especially Sarah Palin’s rhetoric has been deliberately violent, with her TV ads showing congresswoman Giffords seen through a gunsight.

With Palin’s love of the NRA, and espousal of people carrying guns, and using them, and her associates showing up carrying AK-47s near Obama when he’s speaking publicly, there is no other way to take their actions and stoking-the-fire rhetoric as anything but threatening.

Such repeated major media exposure does seem to give license to right-wing violence, and I believe that in their hearts, or their dreams, they did hope to provoke someone to target some of their political enemies on the left.

The Left, in politics, corresponds to the groups who want public tax money to benefit the public. The Right is basically opposed to this, because it wants that public money to go into their private pockets.

“Conservative” is such an innocent-sounding mask for the right wing, who, in my opinion, expressed on this Editorial page, should properly be labelled and exposed as the “Public Enemy.”
John Urban
Brennan’s Hill, Quebec