Alcove, Que woman facing assault charges


by Trevor Greenway on October 8, 2009

After son hit in face with softball

A 45-year-old Alcove woman is facing two counts of assault after she allegedly threw a softball at her nine-year-old son’s head, striking him in the face and causing a black eye Oct. 4.

The woman, whose name is being held to protect the child’s identity, is facing assault and assault with a weapon causing bodily harm after she allegedly flung the softball at her son’s head when he broke a picture frame he was attempting to hang in his bedroom.

“The boy dropped the picture frame and broke the glass,” said Martin Fournel, spokesperson for the MRC des Collines Police, referring to the police report.

“The mom came to the bedroom and she was not happy with the situation and grabbed a softball and threw it at him.”

According to the police report, the nine-year-old boy fled from the house and began strolling along Hwy 105 south towards Wakefield by himself to avoid more confrontation with his mother.

“He was able to leave his room and was heading to Wakefield to see his sister,” said Fournel.

A driver heading south on the road then spotted the boy at 7:30 p.m. and stopped on the side of the highway to see if he was okay. The boy told the driver the entire story and was given a lift to the village.

“The young boy told (the driver) what happened and the Good Samaritan took him directly to the police station,” said Fournel.

The boy’s injuries were minor and he was not taken to hospital. The mother of the boy showed up at the police station about 30 minutes later and was arrested and detained for the charges. Although she denied the entire incident, Fournel said there was “enough evidence to detain her” for the evening. She will appear in court sometime this week.