All in Gatineau club merit congrats for great skate show


by admin on April 20, 2011

The Editor,

Your lead story, “Pure puppy love,” with three coloured pictures and full-page coverage (Low Down, April 6 edition) was a pleasure to read. As an animal lover, I feel it’s good to know that others are concerned for their welfare.

I then found coverage of the Gatineau Valley Skating Club’s annual Ice Show. What a disappointment! Obviously, the reporter had not prepared himself for this assignment.

Three black-and-white pictures of unidentified skaters, one labeled as a senior. She is, in fact, one of three talented skaters that have gone through the program at Low and are now certified coaches. Had he checked the program, he would have known that and been aware of the great number of medals won by these skaters at competitions during the winter.

There was no mention of the fantastic costumes that were created, sewed and fitted – the added details to make them as realistic as possible. With the number required, work was started in January and continued until showtime.

The creativity of these volunteers had the Tinkerbells with butterfly wings the adorable Penguins, the Pirates with the Jolly Roger flag, to name a few. The arena beautifully decorated, the lights, music and, of course, Mickey Mouse on the Zamboni.

This show was the culmination of hard work and dedication by the skaters, coaches, parents and volunteers. I would like to congratulate and thank them for a great show. You make us so proud! However, the coverage in the Low Down made it sound like a non-event.


Winnie Johnston

Wakefield, Quebec