‘Alternative plan’ in Wakefield, Quebec a stick in centre’s spokes


by admin on February 24, 2010

The Editor,

It seems incredibly unfair to the many volunteers who have given hundreds upon hundreds of hours so far, over the past years, to have someone come and suggest that their hard work just isn’t good enough.

The “alternative community centre plans” are not new. I have seen them and, frankly, they are incredible; but at this point, suggesting that we have a say is misleading and deceptive. We don’t actually have a choice any longer.

We did have a choice, and we chose – as a community – the building that is about to be built. We have had public consultation; we have had the opportunity to voice our opinions and it seems far too late in the process to try to poke a stick in the spokes of this moving machine.

We were offered and we have accepted millions of dollars based on the building that the community chose. As the director of the Wakefield Youth Centre, I spend many hours on the REC centre grounds, and I for one am eager for the construction of the new building to commence, I am eager to move into the youth centre’s new home and I cannot imagine asking those who went to bat for the community to start all over again.

We have not had the wool pulled over our eyes. We have had more than ample time to speak up, and on the eve of the shovels breaking ground it is unfortunately too late to say we have changed our minds.

It might not be perfect for all of us, but at some point – especially if we are not the ones doing all the hard work – it is time to say ‘thank you’.

Nathalie Stringer

Wakefield, Quebec