Anglo apathy


by admin on March 31, 2010

The Editor,

In response to your editorial, “The Perils of sending your English kid to French School,” March 10 edition: I was reminded of the Parti Québécois victory in 1976 and the exodus of Quebeckers west to Calgary and, dare I say it, Toronto soon after. Montreal was at the time the most populous city in Canada, and a year later Toronto took over the top ranking.

Throughout the years as funding was slowly held back from English schools, more kids

went to French schools. Given that English schools were closing at a rate of three per year in the mid-1980s, the choice remaining for parents was to enroll their kids in the French ones.

I agree with you in that slowly, through apathy within the English school system and lack of leadership in the anglophone community (Alliance Quebec, and so on), we have been doing ”the crafters” work all along.

Watch out! I just learned that the push to make French first on all Internet sites in

Quebec is gaining momentum.

Richard Tardif
Kahnawake, Quebec