Apology to Councillor Poulin


by admin on June 17, 2010

The Editor,

In accordance with the demand made by Mr. Marc Lapointe, a lawyer representing Mr. Luc Poulin, I hereby apologize for stating during the recent municipal election in Chelsea that Mr. Poulin knew that the terms of the intergovernmental agreement signed in 2009 to provide $6.1 million toward the funding of a proposed recreation centre in Chelsea could no longer be met, and I apologize for saying that Mr. Poulin deliberately withheld this information from voters.

I should never had implied that Mr. Poulin campaigned using tactics of deception or that he could have acted by way of ignorance. I am truly sorry for the articles and the unfounded allegations which should not have been published because of their wrongful insinuations.

Most of all, I deeply regret that certain printed E-mails containing regrettable wording found themselves published and this without my knowledge and consent.

Although we have very different political views, I do strongly believe that Mr. Poulin is a man of strong and honest convictions.

Douglas Griffin

Chelsea, Quebec