Apoplectic over piggies in public in Wakefield, Quebec


by Trevor Greenway on August 5, 2009

The Editor:

I couldn’t agree with letter writer E. Hamilton of Wakefield, Quebec more (“My Bible does not allow gay marriage”, July 29 edition).  Men wearing piggy snouts are truly an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.  There are numerous passages in scripture condemning the practice (Hezekiah 3:7, Bartholomew 7:5, Ronald McDonald 3:11) and at least one toilet stall along the 401 near Belleville that doesn’t mince words on the subject.

Men wearing piggy snouts are plainly disgusting and unnatural and should be outlawed in a decent and law-abiding society.  If some men feel the compulsion to wear piggy snouts in the privacy of their own homes, that’s one thing.  But why do they have to flaunt it in public?  Allowing men who wear piggy snouts to get married, sing hymns or do anything else in church is beyond the pale.

I was a raised in a Christian home and my father was a God-fearing pastor.  He would roll over in his grave if he knew men wearing piggy snouts were cavorting in the house of the Lord.  Not that he’s actually dead, but if he were there’d be hell to pay.  I can only pray that God will visit his righteous wrath and indignation on these male piggy-snout wearers before their iniquities become a tempest upon the land.

Michael (oink-oink) Geisterfer