Article brings kayak back in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on August 26, 2009

The Editor,

My kayak is back.  Thanks to Trevor Greenway’s article,  “River thieves ruining boaters’ summer in Wakefield” in the Aug.19-25 edition of  “The Low Down,”  my kayak and our neighbours’ canoe were both found by Nadia Ross. After reading Trevor’s piece, she went for a walk and discovered the two stolen boats in the bushes near The Wakefield Covered Bridge.  As the kayak fit the description in the paper, she contacted the police.  I want to thank Nadia, Trevor Greenway, The Low Down, the “lowdownonline”, all the people who responded to my first call for help there and Yan Cloutier of the MRC Des Collines who responded quickly and professionally when I first reported the theft, in spite of having just slogged through a swamp on another call.

“The Low Down” has always covered local stories well, and together with the “lowdownonline” which it took over from

“thewakefieldnews” which Phil and Glennis Cohen worked up into such a wonderful means of community communication, it provides us with a congenial and efficient way of keeping Wakefielders in touch with each other.

Thanks to you all, I’ll be back on the river as soon as it stops raining.

Jan Van de Vyvere