Bell high-speed alternative gets ringing endorsement in Gatineau Hills


by admin on April 22, 2010

The Editor,

I wasn’t at all surprised to read (April 7 edition) that Bell has no plans to bring high-speed to La Peche.
Two years ago, I was part of a small, grass-roots, community-based initiative dedicated to bringing high-speed Internet service to more than 80 homes around Bell and Fraser Lakes, Chs. Pic-Bois, Parc de la Peche, Fortin and Murray, and some houses along the Hwy 366 corridor.
After extensive research, meetings with the mayor, grass-roots community consultations, and door-to-door canvassing, our group sent letters of intent both to Bell Canada and Xittel Communications. We indicated that more than 80 homes were ready to commit financially to the development and implementation of a high-speed Internet infrastructure in our area.
Bell Canada’s reply to our letter two years ago was not surprising, and it’s still not surprising. Xittel, however, was ready and willing to work with our community to develop and deliver the infrastructure we needed to bring high-speed to this area.
Although we’ve had a few minor technological issues over the past year, we like to brag that we now have the fastest high-speed in the whole Outaouais region. The $99 a month also includes a VOIP telephone system with a long-distance plan – something that wasn’t mentioned in your article, and which gives us ultimate freedom from “Ma Bell.”
I’m grateful to have been part of the core-group that set a very strong intent to persevere with our project – no matter what the odds. With determination, dedication and a resolve to build a stronger and better community, we can make a difference.

Siomonn Pulla
St. Cecile de Masham, Quebec