Bench burners should use brain not beer


by admin on July 2, 2009

The Editor,

My father in law, Ken Bouchard, has spent many hours/days, along with other volunteers, setting up and maintaining the hiking trails around and above Wakefield, Quebec.  This has included brush cutting, clearing down-fall, installing benches, installing signs, spreading cedar chips in wet areas.

Now some people went up to a benched area, and thought that it would be fun to set one of the benches on fire (each bench is hand built and purchased at a cost of about $350 by people who wish to sponsor a section of the trail) along with one of the hand made signs, and then drink a few beers and watch these volunteers’ many days of hard work go up in flames.

Before you do anything stupid like this again, think about your actions and how selfish you are.  Think about the volunteers who spend hours trying to make this town what it has become:  a place to visit for a few hours, a few days, a place to move to.

Frédéric Edwards