Best system gives voters option to identify the best


by admin on March 31, 2011

The Editor,

Winston Churchill once remarked: “Representative democracy is probably the worst possible contrivance for the governing of mankind. Except any other.”

It is both common and natural for all of us to become discouraged about our political system and the antics of some of the direct participants (the conduct of Sen. Lavigne being an obvious example that is close to home).

However, now that we find ourselves with a general election and its attendant five-week campaign in our hands, we should reflect on Churchill’s message.

It is very hard to argue effectively against the assertion that we Canadians are truly the most fortunate people on earth, those of us living in the Gatineau Hills, perhaps more so.

Only a moment’s reflection should cause us to wonder if this could entirely have been an accident. We should quickly be driven to the conclusion that, while the decisions taken by our politicians may never have been the best ones, better decisions than might have been made have always been made.

Logic should compel us, therefore, to a genuine effort to identify the best candidate offered to us, regardless of party affiliation, and to vote for them. This is because the important decisions that are made in our various legislative bodies are made by qualified people of good will from all political parties.

To neglect to seize upon this opportunity is to risk a better future.


Peter Connolly

Chelsea, Quebec