Build industrial park where it’s wanted, not in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on March 24, 2010

The Editor,

Re: ‘Mayor ready to take industrial park battle to referendum”, March 17 edition

Do we really need Wakefield, Quebec industrial park in an economy where many industrial parks and much industrial land in the vicinity are sitting empty? Why does the mayor think this plan is economically viable?

At the Black Sheep meeting, the mayor indicated that our taxes would go down because of the industrial park. Where in the world has this ever happened? Taxes always go up with growth to pay for all the extra services (roads, septic, etc.), not to mention buying, or rather, expropriating, this land-which the owner does not want to sell.

When there is so much available property already blighted in other parts of La Peche, why steal beautiful prime agricultural land already owned, loved and in use by someone else? If it’s true, as the mayor states, that “the rest of La Peche wants this industrial park” while Wakefielders clearly do not, then why not build it where it’s wanted instead?

The mayor stated at the meeting that he “can’t wait forever for Eco Echo to submit a business plan.” Yet nobody on council has ever asked Eco Echo to submit a business plan. The mayor led us to believe otherwise. Furthermore, it’s obvious that Eco Echo does have clear plans, yet we’re being kept in the dark about the mayor’s plans for the industrial park. Can the other councillors trust the mayor when he has already misled us on this issue, and, furthermore, he won’t tell us what his plans are? Would it not be highly irresponsible for council to go ahead and vote to expropriate someone’s land under these circumstances?

Shouldn’t the people of the municipality be asking themselves, is this fair? Would I want my family land or family business to be expropriated at the will of the mayor?

Tourist dollars depend on the beauty of our landscape. Would those tourists still come-and would people still move and want to stay here-if the gateway to Wakefield becomes another industrial strip like the one on St. Joseph Blvd.? Shouldn’t our tax dollars be going to further the unique beauty of the area, i.e. encouraging eco-tourism and eco-developments such as Eco Echo?

Laurie Gough

Wakefield, Quebec