Business park zoning is the issue Wakefield, Quebec should be discussing


by admin on February 2, 2011

The Editor,

Carolyn McAskie’s response, “Perceived secrecy at crux of business park issue” (Low Down, Jan. 19 edition), to my Jan. 12 letter reinforces my feeling that her group will only be satisfied with their vision for development.

My reaction to their excellent presentation to La Peche council, explaining the survey methodology, was honest. The survey appears to have a major weakness in its design. It should not be used as the basis to change direction on well-advanced business park plans.

Their list of complaints about process is equally without merit. The park is a simple plan. Personally, I have enough information to decide on its merits. The information the activist group seeks is mainly commercial-in-confidence and cannot be released unilaterally.

The comparison with Gatineau’s technology park is like comparing apples and oranges: totally irrelevant. The taxpayer has no money at risk, provided we pay a fair price for the land. No investment in infrastructure is required; well and septic system are planned.

The land will not be left vacant; council will stipulate development timelines. Land use will be regulated to direct the types of business allowed. I don’t support an expensive business study to tell me what is obvious: the Hwy 105 location is fantastic for the park.

Park zoning, which was the subject of one of the bylaws up for vote in December, is the issue the community should be discussing. What types of businesses do we want in the park?

Unfortunately, the oxygen is being sucked from the air by the anti-park group, as it was at council in a display that seemed more like politicking than community activism. Our new business park could be a unique attraction for green business entrepreneurs, for example – as unique as the steam train is for tourists.

Dave Maule

Alcove, Quebec