Bussiere, get your brain out of isolation


by admin on March 24, 2010

The Editor,

Re: “Mayor ready to take industrial park battle to referendum”, March 17 edition

I applaud Mayor Bussiere for working to reduce our taxes. I also applaud the mayor for taking action on behalf of the entire municipality. That’s where my applause ends.

During the information session at the Black Sheep in Wakefield Quebec, the mayor informed us that with the extension to Hwy 5, growth is coming and cannot be stopped. He has an investor (unnamed) who wants to set up shop on Hwy 105. There’s just the small issue that the people who own the land don’t want to sell it.

It’s unfair that the onus is on Christopher Minnes to prove that the use of his land is profitable enough for the municipality. Where is the mayor’s business plan? The only thing that the mayor can tell us is that he has seen light industrial parks elsewhere and that this idea has “been in my head for 10 years.”

Is this the best approach for formulating long-range business plans that affect the entire community? As Shannon Ross proposed at the meeting, why not use the extremely broad and deep talent pool here in La Peche to come up with innovative ways of generating growth instead of having that talent working at cross purposes? Surely, many brains working together is better that just one working in isolation.

I recently visited the new website for the Municipality of La Peche. Beautiful images grace the pages, images of the things that attract people to live here and to spend their tourist dollars. I didn’t notice any photos of the “light industry” that the mayor is proposing.

The mayor says that he speaks for all of La Peche, but how many of us want to live in a municipality where our businesses, farms and properties could be taken at any time by the mayor without our consent or without any proof that it is for the betterment of the community?

Robert McCart

Wakefield, Quebec