Bussiere, keep your word on Fair Trade in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on March 31, 2010

The Editor,

Open letter to La Peche Mayor Robert Bussiere:

We, the Fair Trade Committee of La Peche, Quebec, want to reiterate our support for the Eco Echo project. As mentioned at the March 14 meeting at the Black Sheep, we are very appreciative of the leadership you provided for our becoming a Fair Trade Municipality, the first of its kind in Quebec, the second in Canada.

Our designation as a Fair Trade Municipality brings with it ongoing commitments, including support of environmental sustainability both locally and abroad. With the threatened expropriation of 60 acres of Eco Echo’s prime agricultural land (including an environmental learning centre), for a light industrial park, we feel it is an important time to review our commitments. This is especially important because it is clear that the Eco Echo project is a perfect fit with our mandate as a Fair Trade Municipality.

The sixth goal required for Fair Trade Town status listed at TransFair Canada website (www.transfair.ca) is
that other ethical and sustainable consumption initiatives be promoted.

This goal bears emphasis as the chance to apply Fair Trade principles to other areas of consumption, and it’s part of a much larger movement towards more sustainable consumption. The link with the greater body gives you the opportunity to form alliances with other like-minded groups, to make an even bigger impact within the community.

Mayor Bussiere, please let me repeat your words from the Press Release of November 2007, announcing our success: “La Peche’s Fair Trade Town designation is good news for our community. It means our residents care about making a difference. I am very proud that our community has come together at the grassroots and political levels to become a Fair Trade Town.”

We look to you to continue to lead the way and make a difference by supporting the Eco Echo project which honours so well the environmental and sustainable objectives of our Fair Trade commitment. This is another chance for us to work together, make a positive impact, and be proud.

Anne Winship, Chair of The Fair Trade Committee of La Peche

Wakefield, Quebec