Cannon wipes treatment plant from slate of election issues


by admin on April 6, 2011

The Editor,

I consider myself to be well informed regarding the issues facing the MRC, particularly plans for a septic sludge facility. I have attended meetings, protests and have written letters with my concerns. I consistently visit the EcoLaPeche and Save the Gatineau websites to keep myself informed. I know many others do the same.

On March 29, I was having a late dinner at a local restaurant when Lawrence Cannon appeared from a separate dining room. I approached him and told him that I had sent him an email that day regarding this most important issue, and he said he hadn’t read his emails that day.

His next statement to me was the one that really took me by surprise. He said that he “knew nothing about plans for a regional septic sludge plant in his riding and that it was a provincial issue and not a federal one.” Would he not be informed of a controversial multi-million-dollar facility being constructed in his own riding?

Cindy Duncan McMillan has promised that this very issue will be an “election issue.” It appears Mr. Cannon doesn’t think along the same lines. I know where my vote will go on May 2.


Deborah Miller

Farm Point, Quebec