Cannon’s ignorance of riding issues simply unacceptable


by admin on April 13, 2011

The Editor,
Open letter to Minister Lawrence Cannon:

Your Conservative government election line is that you are helping Canadian families. However, you rejected all 74 recommendations of the Senate report on housing and child poverty. How is it that you can ignore child poverty and say you are helping Canadian families?

Thanks for the corporate tax cuts, but they came by cutting programs for green energy retrofits and subsidies for sustainable energy sources. Your recent advertisement failed to mention your plan includes $1.5 billion in subsidies to the tar sands, despite global threats of sanctions against our dirty oil. And, at the same time, you cut funding for environmental clean-up and dealing with the fallout of the tar sands. How does that help families?
Criminologists agree that minimum and lengthy sentences are non-effective in reducing crime, yet you plan to build American-style super prisons and clog up the court system. Climate scientists almost unanimously agree we are at a critical point to slow climate change if we want to avoid a global catastrophe, yet you cut funding for that, as well.

At every turn, you ignore experts in respective fields while forming your policies, and instead use the failed American playbook of crime scare tactics, corporate tax cuts, military hardware and oil. As your policies are simply Bush administration hand-me- downs, one look at the American economic disaster shows us what a Conservative majority government would bring.

What Canadian families actually need is a habitable planet in the future, with clean energy sources and clean drinking water. And above all we need a minister that educates himself (or perhaps herself) on the issues of his riding.

We are at risk of watching the Gatineau River become a sewer, which will adversely affect the health, quality of life and economic prosperity of your constituents. And you hadn’t even heard about it? That’s unacceptable.

Mike Reynolds
Chelsea, Quebec