Car park out of harmony with natural beauty of Chelsea, Quebec Centre Village


by admin on December 1, 2010

The Editor,
I think most residents of Chelsea, Quebec would agree that they choose to live in this municipality to enjoy its natural beauty.

The report of the Vision Centre Village, a two-year community-based initiative, is filled with phrases quoting residents that reflect this: “maintain the small rural village character of Old Chelsea” – “protection of the natural environment” – “environmental consciousness” – “aesthetically pleasing parking” – “a rural haven” – “reinforce Old Chelsea as a small historic rural village that is the gateway to Gatineau Park.”

Our municipal motto advertises Chelsea as an “Environment Friendly Community” on its official website.

I cannot comprehend why a 50-space parking lot would be considered in the heart of Old Chelsea when it goes against the choices of residents and the natural backdrop that surrounds us.
Perhaps the Report on Master Plan for the Development of Gatineau Park (May 1952) states it best: “There is probably no single thing which is more completely out of harmony with the natural beauty of Gatineau Park than large numbers of parked cars . . .
many small parking lots should be laid out surrounded by spruce and pine trees.”

Alternatives exist to solve parking considerations in Old Chelsea. It simply takes leadership on the part of council.

Jennifer Crawley

Old Chelsea, Quebec