Chelsea, Quebec a gift of a community


by admin on November 4, 2009

The Editor,

We thank you for your weekly balanced news. As summer residents and annual subscribers we maintain year-long interest in our “second” community.

We have followed with great interest the debate about rural/village issues in Chelsea. For those opposed to the Meredith Centre and Chelsea Creek, just think ahead 20-25 years. When your children are grown will Chelsea still meet your needs? If required, will accommodation for seniors be part of the plan? As we age it’s horrible to contemplate moving away from our community. A health centre and local shops become more important.

We choose to shop at the Freshmart and the Saturday farmers’ market. It would be nice to have a pharmacy closer than Hull or Wakefield. This summer our four young grandchildren were thoroughly engaged in the “Agent 009″ at the Chelsea Library. Staff made reading and stories exciting. We hope you realize what a gift you have to live in community.

Personally, I appreciate the coverage you have supplied to St. Andrew’s United Church in Wakefield. I was a commissioner to the United Church General Council in Wolfville N.S. in 2003 when the decision was made to accept same-gender marriage, but leaving that up to local option. St. Andrew’s has honoured that decision. I was pleased to worship there during the month of August, and I was warmly welcomed back at Thanksgiving. The members there are living out courageous Christian choices.

“The Way We Were” series by Louise Schwartz is lovely. For those of us who live at a distance it connects us with our history. Schwartz’ articles, enhanced by photographs from various sources, expand our knowledge and a sense of community. Our Brown/Journeaux families have deep roots in Kirk’s Ferry.

We were also pleased to learn that Serge Galipeau and Christine Landry have been able to appeal to dismiss the $1.25 million lawsuit vis à vis the Cantley Dump. They have suffered enough and we wish them success. No private citizens should have to deal with bullying tactics.

We remain fans of the Low Down. Keep up the good work!

Andrea Journeaux, Peter Journeaux

Willowdale (Toronto) and Chelsea, Quebec