Chelsea, Quebec a land of GINOs?


by admin on August 26, 2009

The Editor,

As I was listening to the announcement of the extension of Hwy 5 in the northern part of Chelsea by three levels of government last week, I could not help but reflect on the purpose of this project. How did this come about? It was thought of in the ’70s. Ok, but we are in 2009 and it seems to me when the steam train was derailed last year there was a group pushing for a commuter train and some countering for better transit. Where are these people now? Do they agree that spending millions for a six km stretch of highway is a better solution?

It’s for development. Of what? More houses, therefore more infrastructure maintenance spending for municipalities? Where is the group defending responsible spending in our municipalities? Sustainable development means what to our politicians who keep talking about it? And what of expropriation or buy outs of houses in 2009?

Is this extension going to create jobs in the MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau where the people working in forest related jobs are out of work? Getting more cottages built up the valley does not create long term employment or develop better services for the general population. Plus there aren’t there already enough lakes affected by milfoil and blue-green algae?

Since Duplessis’ time as premier of Québec there was a joke going around that if you wanted to get elected you paved a portion of road. Are we still in that frame of thinking? Of all the people defending a greener Chelsea, is there no one to object to the horrible defacement of the beautiful landscape of the Meech Creek Valley? Is there no one to object to the furthering of the barrier between Gatineau Park and the Gatineau River? What are the impacts on Gatineau Park which has less and less of a buffer zone and is more and more of an enclave. Is it to become a sort of huge natural zoo?

Is Chelsea becoming a municipality of GINOs – Green In Name Only? or is it the price to pay for a multifunction sports centre? If so it is a sad day for the environment and a good one for the cynics.

Nicole DesRoches


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