Chelsea, Quebec council must reverse flow of ‘game-changing’ water strategy


by admin on September 15, 2010

The Editor,

According to the Chelsea Foundation and the Chelsea, Quebec municipality, a plan is being considered for the Meredith Centre to draw water on a temporary basis from the well located on Chelsea Creek Estates property until such time as that development is built out and will require the full capacity of the well.

At that point the municipality is to have put in place a municipal water system to which the Meredith Centre would hook up. In other words, under this scenario once construction of the facility begins, Chelsea has committed to a municipal water system.

Since there is also a plan to provide a public wastewater system to which the Meredith Centre would hook up, the actual cost of the centre could be sitting at a dizzying $25 million ($10 million for the building, $10 million for water, $5 million for sewer).

It is the only approved project east of Hwy 5 which requires this infrastructure. The issue of municipal water is critical to the determination of the future direction of Chelsea’s development and therefore requires full public discussion and debate.

Municipal water removes the restraint to high-density development that staying within the natural carrying capacity of the land provides. The fact that, without public debate, council is considering following a course vis-a-vis the Meredith Centre which will require the provision of piped-in water is unacceptable.

Chelsea council must take this “game-changing” issue to the people before proceeding with any plan for the Meredith Centre that would require the provision of municipal water.

Chris Marriott

Chelsea, Quebec