Chelsea, Quebec council true colours plain to see


by admin on October 13, 2010

The Editor,
One finds on Page 3 of the Low Down (Oct. 6 edition) the true colours of Chelsea, Quebec council.

In one article, Mayor Caryl Green says they will proceed with the Meredith Centre, because council believes the public supports this project. But if they actually believed that, they would hold a referendum to clear this up once and for all, since the most recent poll shows 89 percent are against it.

Then we move to Deputy Mayor Luc Poulin saying despite their having no solid plan, water supply won’t hold them back, either, because he “heard” the permit was coming for Chelsea Creek, and that “by the time we build the centre we will have one.”

Well, that’s great Luc, you have no plan so we’re just going to start building and hope for the best? You gotta love an optimist.

The most likely answer to the water mystery is in the following article, in which the Chelsea Director-general, Paul St. Louis, at first says it would be “unthinkable” to push through a sewer and water project without our approval, and they would “never go there.”

But then he downgrades that to “it’s a possibility” and then “it’s not something I would recommend.” Once we’ve dropped millions on this, watch how quickly the “unthinkable” becomes “a possibility” when it is the only option.

This council is just a disguised Chelsea Foundation, determined to see its vision realized despite overwhelming public opposition.

Yes, Mr. St. Louis, forcing us to pay for water and sewage would be unthinkable. But so is clinging to a razor-thin referendum result, after making backroom changes with a special interest group and ignoring an 89 per cent disapproval rating.

So judging by your wavering comments, municipality actions to date, and Mr. Poulin’s mystery water, there is little doubt council will continue to use any means necessary to facilitate the Meredith Centre, as they always have.

And this new bylaw amendment is little more than a roundabout way to remove the taxpayers from the equation and make it even easier.

Mike Reynolds

Chelsea, Quebec