Chelsea, Quebec councillor sounds casting call for High Noon remake


by admin on June 2, 2010

The Editor,

Jacques Cayer’s letter in early May caused me to chuckle nervously when he bemoaned the fact that the lawless days of yore were no more and suggested Chelsea, Quebec should have its own version of the movie High Noon if only he could “call in a few ‘guns for hire.’ “


High Noon movie poster

Setting aside the sagacity of publicly hinting at a rather violent approach to civic politics, I wonder if he actually remembers the premise of the movie?

In the 1952 classic, a bunch of outlaws threaten to take over the town and kill the marshal and anyone standing in their way. The only person who offers to help the marshal is a 14-year old boy, though the town folk do express their admiration for him. Because of their pacifist beliefs, the marshal’s wife and his ex-girlfriend leave town but end up returning mid-gunfight where the marshal’s wife shoots one of the killers in the back, gets herself taken hostage, then breaks away in time to allow the now wounded marshal to shoot the remaining  ”hired gun”.  The marshal throws down his tin star as the townspeople emerge, and walks away into the sunset.

Now, does Mr. Cayer see the Mayor and Council represented by the beleaguered and outgunned marshal?  And which character does he identify with? Maybe he’s the helpful but immature 14-year old boy, or the concerned ex-girlfriend? Or perhaps he’s one of those townspeople who publicly states his admiration for the marshal but won’t back him up?

In any case, I certainly won’t expect Mr. Cayer to be watching my back anytime soon.

Edmond Hétu
Councilor, Chelsea