Chelsea, Quebec needs more business revenue


by admin on March 10, 2010

The Editor,

The underlying theme at the vision Chelsea meeting last Feb 27 was a need for commercial revenue. The reference to rural Chelsea, Quebec can no longer be used. Our municipality has grown with very little direction and as a result it has become more or less an urban sprawl.

We are at the crossroads of a new Chelsea that must have small, innocuous commercial enterprises. Creative blend of low, medium to high-density housing.

Before anything is undertaken it is beyond any doubt that the old Chelsea Rd must be upgraded to the 21st century. Water and sewer is imperative now. All available monies from provincial and federal governments must be used for that purpose.

Once Chelsea has the basic infrastructures under way it will then be in a position to go out and seek out entrepreneurs to set up business in Chelsea. The tunnel vision of the previous administration is no longer acceptable. Chelsea is like the horn of plenty. There is opportunity for everyone. It’s just a matter of doing it and doing it right. I believe the previous council spent far too much time and money on the old Chelsea and a recreation center.

Our efforts should be the development of a new Chelsea core between Hwy 5 and Hwy 105. Building Chelsea’s future on new land will bring about a green, creative and vibrant community that will set the standards for other communities. It will attract visionaries that will make Chelsea a very special place to live.

With a sound commercial base we can build a recreation center second to none. This will mean putting the recreation center off for a few years. If we are going to have one, let’s do it right and not the piecemeal unprofessional approach it seems to have taken. It should be remembered that a city’s recreation is directly proportional to its commercial industrial growth (Charles Drucker, city planner).

If this basic rule is not followed the recreation center is doomed to fail. Let’s not let tunnel vision planning destroy what could be the most enviable community in Québec.

Jacques Cayer

Chelsea, Quebec