Chelsea, Quebec paint rule has reader seeing red


by admin on November 10, 2010

The Editor,

How total(itarian)ly petty of Chelsea, Quebec council, forcing those who actually use their creativity to conform to paint-pot tyrants’ standards and timetables.

As an artist-painter, and if someone came along and tried to tell me what colours I could or could not use on my canvases on offer to the public, I think my fury would know no bounds.

Are we actually paying people just like ourselves to enforce dictatorial rules and regulations? And paying heed to them? Then I guess the world really is insane.

My advice to council (and any other councils of like-minded pettiness across the country): Get over yourselves, use your own creative powers in art, music, etc., and do not obstruct and block those who are already using theirs.

Jayne Lemon

North Vancouver, B.C.
(former Chelsea resident)