Chelsea, Quebec resident speaks out over sewer issue


by admin on May 5, 2010

The Editor,

Have Chelsea, Quebec council and the executive staff taken leave of their gray matter?

At the public presentation on the Old Chelsea Rd. water and sewer issue April 27, it was stated that the cost of this ill-contrived project would increase taxes by $2600 for the next 25 years.

It is unbelievable that this council can think we are so stupid to let them go ahead with their folly. Not six months has passed and it is one fiasco after another. It is time that Mayor Green steps up to the bat and takes charge. The mayor is the CEO of a $10- million business that seems to have gone haywire. It requires a major overhaul, ASAP.

A comprehensive audit has reached a new level of urgency. Why is it the previous council and now this one are so apprehensive about a comprehensive audit? Are there irregularities? Did you know there is water and sewer at the intersection of Chelsea Creek and the A5 autoroute?
I fail to understand the rationale of council when the draft of the Vision Chelsea Executive Report clearly states that residents are not looking for radical changes to the small rural character. In other words, it’s status quo. The report is available at Most of the funding for this report has come from the public purse!
It’s too bad the Wild West is long gone. We could call in a few “guns for hire” and Chelsea could have its own version of the movie High Noon.

Jacques Cayer
Chelsea, Quebec