Chelsea, Quebec residents get early taste of playing the fooled


by admin on April 6, 2011

The Editor,


What an enjoyable April fool’s edition published by the Low Down this year. Reading Caryl Green’s comments, that Chelsea was very similar to other Quebec municipalities in the same edition where we learned that the Quebec government has been moved to enact new legislation to try to counter the lack of transparency, honesty and integrity in Quebec municipalities, was priceless! It even made the taste of your new printing ink easier to swallow.

Less funny was the news that some citizens of Chelsea may be involved in another municipal referendum that will presumably be presided over yet again by Chelsea’s director-general. If the Government of Quebec wants greater honesty in local government, the first step should have been to no longer let those with a vested interest in the outcomes of municipal votes be those that run them.

Here in Chelsea we have witnessed some scandalous oversight of the “democratic” process. An investigation by Elections Quebec into the administration of the Chelsea Creek referendum yielded a report that referenced improprieties.

In the most recent election where Caryl Green obtained her minuscule mandate, sealed ballot boxes were opened and emptied prior to counting while under the supposed care and protection of Chelsea’s D-G. As a result, there is no means for candidates or the public to be certain that the municipal election results were correct.

Voters in Chelsea’s next referendum may be the real April fools if they have any faith that their democratic rights will be respected.


Geoff Bleich

Chelsea, Quebec