Chelsea, Quebec sewage plan ignores effect on Mill Road residents


by admin on March 2, 2011

The Editor,
As rumours tend to be fact, it seems Chelsea, Quebec council has decided on a sewage treatment plant to be located on Mill Road, at the corner of Mill and what is locally known as the White Road owned by Quebec Hydro.

This road is used by many dog walkers as well as people going to the river to swim, at  Low rock and High rock. This road is located just north of existing Hydro gate on Mill Road.

The waste treatment site would directly affect four retired families, three families with seven children under age four, one family with three school-aged children, plus a number if grandchildren and even great-grandchildren who regularly visit this area as they consider this to be their second home.

Residents of this area have been subjected to the building of the present sewer system, as well as the high traffic from Hydro Quebec with their many and on-going projects below at the Chelsea and Farmers dams. This has been done with little or no concern for the people who live on Mill Road.

After 60 years living in this area and nearly 50 years on Mill Road, we find it very troublesome to think that our street will be changed so dramatically by a sewer treatment plan with no regard for the people on it.

We have been told that there will be no odour, noise, lights or traffic, but we are very skeptical of the municipality’s past performance relative to the construction of sewage systems, i.e., Mill Road and more recently Farm Point.

Thus an immense treatment plant to treat sewage from all of Old Chelsea and the many mega-projects on line to go ahead in the future seem too much to bear for too few people.

We feel that somewhere in this vast municipality a sewage treatment plant could be located without affecting so many lives.
Sandra and Ray Garbutt

Chelsea, Quebec