Chelsea, Quebec visioning committee to present final report


by Mark Burgess on May 13, 2010

Chelsea, Quebec’s visioning committee will present its final report to council at a public meeting May 18, ending a year-long consultation process and passing the reins to the municipality for the vision’s incorporation into Chelsea’s next master plan.

Since posting the 25-page report on the committee’s website in April, chair George Claydon said his team incorporated the eight or nine additional comments into what will be presented to council. He said the late additions concerned primarily transportation issues and public spaces that will be added to the map’s final draft.

“I think we just want to present the process we followed and the results we found,” Claydon said of the bilingual presentation. “We’ll answer any questions, and make clear what the visioning document says and what it doesn’t say.”

Claydon said the report would be helpful in drafting the centre village area’s Plan Particulier d’Urbanisme (PPU), but that more work needs to be done on technical aspects such as parking and trail networks.

“There’s more specific stuff that, because of the scope, we just couldn’t get there,” he said. “I think there’s more work that the vision calls for.”

Chelsea Assistant Director-general Bruce Devine it’s now up to council to digest the report and work it into zoning and bylaws, but that there will be follow-up consultations with the community before anything is finalized.

The meeting will take place May 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the community centre basement. To view the visioning committee report, go to