Chinese beauty stops traffic in Chelsea


by Trevor Greenway on May 19, 2009

This golden pheasant was caught on film by Seymour Hamilton May 10

This golden pheasant was caught on film by Seymour Hamilton May 10

It’s strange. Exotic. Even glorious to behold.

What the heck is it doing wandering down Chelsea’s Scott Rd?

Chelsea resident Seymour Hamilton was on his daily hike May 11 when he came across something that literally made him stop in his tracks… in the middle of Scott Rd.

“I stopped, grabbed my camera and took the photo,” said Hamilton.

The photo (as shown here) is of a rare sight, indeed.

The exotic bird, measuring about three feet long, boasts a brilliant red breast, a tall, golden crown and long tail feathers speckled in the most fetching brown pattern.

It was strolling along the side of the road when Hamilton spotted it, leaving him dumfounded.

Then the finely-plumed creature started to cross the road. Another truck coming from the other direction also came to a dead halt and truck driver and pedestrian blocked traffic as they gaped at the mystery bird.

“We both agreed that we had never seen it before,” said Hamilton.

The two watched the bird until it safely made its way to the other side of Scott Rd just east of the National Capital Commission’s visitors centre.

The photograph was sent to the NCC who did not recognize it, nor knew where it came from. Jeff Skevington of Nature Chelsea confirmed that the bird actually is a golden pheasant and added that the bird must be an escapee from a nearby avian club, as golden pheasants are native to China, not Chelsea.