Come see Wakefield Quebec’s community centre alternative plan


by admin on February 17, 2010

The Editor,

There’s an idea bubbling up in this village that deserves your attention. It’s a second architectural design for the Wakefield Community Centre, by Rita Komendant. There is no doubt that the Community Centre will be built; the hard work, resourcefulness, and dedication of all of the volunteers who have served on the co-op committee to bring it to this point is commendable. Incredible work they have done, over years. But the current design – the work of the architect  - remains unconvincing to some members.

So what could be wrong with pausing for a moment to consider Rita’s design, which she has worked on and presented since the call for public input last summer? You are invited to view this design upstairs at Café Molo on Thursday, Feb. 25th, 6 – 8pm. Come and “walk through” the 3D models, imagine how you will use the space – a plan that gives small children a space, that contains a heart, a hearth, timbers, straw bale construction, solar panels, a treehouse for the Youth Centre, a library and a gallery.

It’s a design that encourages everyone to find their nook, and encourages seniors and children to interact. By the way, in contrast to the current plan, Rita’s plan includes a full-scale gymnasium (with windows to let the light in), and we invite all sports organizers and participants to come look at the plan and write down your comments.

The Community Centre will be here a long time. Before the first load of concrete is poured, can the community have a chance to consider what else it could be?

Andrea Hossack

Wakefield, Quebec