Cops catch break-in suspect in the act in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on September 23, 2010

MRC des Collines Police arrested a 48-year-old Gatineau man after they caught him robbing a Chelsea, Quebec home on Solitude Road on Sept. 15.

Spokesperson Martin Fournel said that police had been watching the accused, Raymond Massia, for some time, after a recent string of break-and-enter cases in Chelsea since late August.

“We were watching him closely,” Fournel told the Low Down on Sept. 15. “There was a lot of undercover cops in Chelsea today.”

According to police, Massia was working the south Chelsea area between Scott Road and the Alonzo Wright bridge, knocking on doors while posing as a fundraiser or a service provider. If nobody answered, the man proceeded to break in.

“He was knocking on doors, and if somebody answered he would tell them he was collecting money for his sick son or offering to clean windows,” said Fournel.

Police learned the suspect was planning to hit the Solitude Road residence on Sept. 15, so they waited nearby in unmarked cars. When Massia began breaking in, police approached him but he managed to escape. Police took up the chase and Gatineau police caught him in Hull at the Mont-Bleu sector.

Fournel said the MRC des Collines police has been able to link Massia to three other burglaries in Chelsea and connect him to a total of 20 break-ins since late August. Police recovered stolen goods from his vehicle and his Gatineau residence.

Massia was known to police, after a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest was issued after he violated his parole conditions a few weeks ago.

He is scheduled to appear in court on charges of breaking and entering, theft, possession of burglary tools and failing to stop his vehicle.

Break-in team nabbed

MRC des Collines police arrested another two men Sept. 20 after they caught them robbing a Chelsea home on Hwy 105 near Juniper Road.

According to Fournel, a 55-year-old from Gatineau and his 47-year-old partner from the Sherbrooke area were after small items like cash, credit cards and jewelry.

Fournel said the men had specific roles in the break-in.

“The (older man) stayed in the car, a Pontiac G5, blue,” said Fournel. “The (younger one) was going into the houses.”

The pair are also suspects in another Chelsea break-in.

MRC des Collines Police have arrested 10 people on break-and-enter cases over the past three weeks in the Gatineau Hills.