Council building decisions tear down trust in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on April 6, 2011

The Editor,

We are not the only Wakefield, Quebec family completely taken aback by the way the mayor and council have rammed through decisions without any consultation with local inhabitants.

How is it possible that in this day and age of concern about the environment, a sewage treatment plant is planned in one of the most beautiful villages on the Gatineau –  Farrellton – without consulting any of the inhabitants, who simply received an expropriation notice in the mail.

And why, with present gas prices sky high, spend millions on  extending a super highway (A5) when public transport would make much more sense. An industrial park in the area that up to now has been Wakefield’s access to the greatest asset of this region – Gatineau Park – is another part of this scheme, one that threatens the water supply of thousands of visitors as well as local inhabitants.

Those who have trusted our mayor and council, as we have so far, feel entirely betrayed.


Gunda Lambton

Wakefield, Quebec