Coverage of Low, Quebec skating fell short of spectacular


by admin on April 20, 2011

The Editor,


With reference to a letter to the editor last week (Low Down, April 6 edition), I too was impressed with the Low, Quebec ice show. What a “Spectacle”!

There were 26 performances, at least six solos, and approximately 42 families represented. The hard work and effort of the children and coaches from age three to 23, the volunteers for costumes, arena decorations, and of course, “Mickey,” the Zamboni operator, gave a sense of pride to all.

I was pleased to see a reporter from the Low Down taking pictures. However, what a disappointment! A short write up with three pics. One was a coach, a guest skater, and only one local child, and she, too, was not named. What poor coverage of such a great event!

However, it is so nice to see our neighbour community as well as commercial ads given good coverage. Perhaps your paper should be known as The Chelsea News. I know many customers have been lost.


Elaine Hamilton

La Peche, Quebec