CSSSC, CSLC, CHSLD, ASSSO…guess which acronym is wrong


by admin on May 14, 2014

Wakefield Memorial Hospital is looking for some new equipment.  File photo

Wakefield Memorial Hospital is looking for some new equipment. File photo

10 points if you figured it was CLSC not CSLC…a refresher on our health care system

By Anastasia Philopoulos

Even francophones have trouble figuring out the words behind the acronym CLSC.

“They might get part of it,” said André Désilets, shaking his hand from side to side, signalling a 50/50 chance.

The Director General of the CSSS des Collines health board says it’s not uncommon for residents both francophone and anglophone to get confused about who actually provides their health care, what all the acronyms mean and where to go when they need certain services.

“People don’t bother when they are not sick,” Désilets said.

In honor of the Health Matters Now campaign, wrapping up in Wakefield May 14, the Low Down decided to sit down with Désilets to get a closer look at the health care system in the region. The Director General helped us get a clear overview of the system and all the services it offers residents.

Note: 10 points if you figured out CLSC equals Centre Local de Services Communautaires.

The CSSS – Centre de santé et de services sociaux/Health and Social Services Centres, also referred to as the “C trois S”

Don’t try to get a flu shot here, it’s not a physical place for patients to visit. Désilets describes the CSSS des Collines as a governing body, the kind that takes care of decision-making rather than temperature-taking. There are multiple CSSSs in every region across Quebec, each with the mandate of providing accessible, continuous and quality services for the people in their local territory. L’Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de l’Outaouais (ASSSO, yes, yet another confusing acronym) is the agency that oversees this region’s CSSSs.

Désilets said the CSSS des Collines overlooks three interrelated local health care bodies, which he calls “missions”; the Wakefield Memorial Hospital, the four clinics (CLSC) and two long-term care residences (CHSLD).

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