Dancing in the Dep


by admin on August 6, 2010

The latest installment of our sommelier-reviewed wines – the kind we lowly ruralites are forced to buy at local depanneurs when we forget to get to the fancy SAQ.

Tango $11.95

The bottle alone made me buy this wine. I know, I told you not to judge a wine by its presentation, but the curvy neck line on this one made me do it. It’s the kind of bottle you want to hold and stick a candle in afterwards, and the kind of bottle you can bring to a party and have people be so impressed by its shape they won’t ask where it’s from.

Tango is a very pleasing, easy drinking red. Has traces of ripe berry fruit and leathery, smokey tannin that can hold up to food or be sipped pleasantly after hours of drinking real wine.  The price tag is a little expensive from what I want to spend for wine from Argentina, but I have tasted this wine on several occasions and it is my latest Number One. I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Argentina, and like any wine county, their grape juice is better than what we pay $20 a bottle for here.

On a side note, keep your fingers crossed for Veronique Rivest, our local wine genius who is going to Chile this week to compete to be the number one wine sommelier in the world. She placed in the top 10, two years ago and has been studying/drinking hard to get here. Have a glass and a thought for her.