Democratic process runs second in Chelsea, Quebec municipal affairs


by admin on February 16, 2011

The Editor,

At your invitation, I read the Scott Findlay letter posted on-line. Only one word comes to mind to describe it: messianic.

As the Gospel says: “Many are called, but few are chosen.” In Chelsea,Quebec, it’s the opposite.

Few respond to the call of an election, but it seems many non-elected want to take over council.

Whoever was elected, barely 16 months ago, would have had to accept what was already in the pipeline, namely the Farm Point waste water system and the Old Chelsea/Scott Road waste water project and, except for the Meredith Centre, no one ran for election against these projects.

With respect to the Meredith Centre, despite its being democratically approved by referendum, some citizens ran against it and were defeated. Those who were in favour were elected. These are two democratic approvals for the Centre. One does not have to like it, but should bow to the democratic will.

The newly-elected councillors would also have had to respond to Quebec’s requirement that it approve a PPU as well as respond to unforeseen events such as the “zone of influence,” describing the limited water supply in Chelsea. That’s politics.

For my part, I would rather work with a democratically elected council, without Mr. Findlay’s two preconditions, than against it.

Andre Renaud

Chelsea, Quebec

(Ex-Chelsea mayor)