Dialing nowhere fast in La Peche, Que


by admin on October 28, 2009

What will it take to get something other than dial-up internet in this area?

I know some areas of Wakefield/Masham, Quebec have access to high speed but for the most part, the rest of us will just have to be satisfied with excruciatingly slow dial-up. At an astonishing speed of 26 Kb/s, a speed that I remember having ten years ago, I can only do the most basic stuff on the Internet like check emails and look at a few news sites.

When I have to do banking online or access a government file, what I optimistically think will/should take five minutes, in reality takes at least 30 minutes…and that’s if the webpage doesn’t crash!  Oh and if the baby starts crying within that time period, I have to close everything and try again later.

Talking to Bell or other internet providers is an exercise in futility and exasperation…that is when you finally are able to talk to a real person. While they spout off several higher speed options that Bell offers, they check to see if it is available in this area using my postal code (I already can tell them it is not) and low and behold, sorry, “that service isn’t available where you live.”

So I ask, what does it take for a rural community that is 35 minutes away from a major city to gain access to high(er) speed internet….an uprising perhaps?

Alison Galloway

Alcove, Quebec