Direful Wakefield, Quebec expropriation noises echo as far away as Texas


by admin on March 16, 2011

The Editor,

I am appalled the Municipality of La Peche is supporting an industrial park to include expropriation of the acreage belonging to the Eco Echo Environmental Campus in Wakefield, Quebec. Having witnessed first-hand the destruction and desolation of our beautiful countryside in Germany during the Second World War, I abhor the wanton treatment of precious farmland that can be put to far better use in nourishing residents with organic produce.

In a few short years, Eco Echo has become a vital asset by drawing visitors and eco-tourism to enrich the region. In fact, I’m making my first visit to Canada in May to witness first-hand this inspiring model for rural development. I applaud founders Eric Corneau and Christopher Minnes for their dedication to planning and creating a much- needed environmental hub.

I appeal to the leaders of the municipality to open their minds, listen to the voices of their constituents and take to heart these desires and aspirations for the betterment of the community.

I became actively involved as a supporter and investor because I believe strongly in the importance of this project as a leadership example for other rural communities. I urge the municipality to acknowledge how vital Eco Echo is for our children’s future by properly supporting its role in community development.

Ingrid T. Barrier

Dallas, Texas