‘Ditch Meredith Centre’ headline takes wrong turn


by admin on July 7, 2010

The Editor,
The headline “Ditch Meredith Centre, save rural Chelsea” for our article on the council’s proposed sewer and water utility for Chelsea, which appeared in Valley Voices (Low Down, June 30 edition), was not chosen by the ACCCA and does not reflect our view.

The association is not advocating for or against the Meredith Centre as perhaps suggested. Our hope is that people will make up their own minds based on a clear understanding of all the facts and act accordingly.

The ACCCA was founded to provide a citizen-based watch-dog/accountability-oversight function for municipal affairs in Chelsea, and to provide a channel for Chelsea citizens to express themselves collectively on the management of our municipality, our financial resources and our future as a community.

While the association will reflect the evolving views of its membership, our initial intention is to focus on oversight, communications, transparency, public participation and the quality of our council stewardship of our municipality, rather than advocate on specific issues.

Sheldon Weatherstone

President, Chelsea Citizen’s Association