Do it for the children!


by admin on May 27, 2009

The Editor,
Only a handful of people have organized against the Meredith Centre project at the 11th hour. Most of these critics were invited to provide input and to participate in the process along the way. They declined to make a constructive contribution and now they make good news sound bad. They are depriving the Meredith Centre project of much needed energy by diverting otherwise constructive energy of volunteers towards fighting against distortions and misinformation.
Among these people are past critics of traffic calming, environmental protection projects in the village and Soccer Chelsea. When it suited them, they accused the municipality of being unfriendly and even conspiratorial against our local seniors; but they are the people who killed a proposed assisted living and seniors housing development in Chelsea. The worst is that while they criticize municipal tax expenditures, they go ahead and precipitate an expensive referendum process, sticking the rest of us with the bill.
Seeing only problems and obstacles, the only action they can be credited with is protest and complaint. The only solutions they have suggested is to “say No.”
Now they are saying No to a generous, once-in-a-lifetime grant of $6.1million. The time has come for us to say No! to them and to say Yes! to the Meredith Centre.
Nearly three quarters of the money needed to build the Meredith Centre is available now. More is coming. This glass isn’t half empty, it’s nearly full. Vote Yes to overcoming whatever obstacles may still lie in our way.
Vote Yes for a place that will nurture our vulnerable and tender children. Vote Yes for a safe and warm indoor environment with a walking track and inviting social facilities. Vote Yes to support our seniors who otherwise might sit home in the cold months. Vote Yes for the optimism and leadership this has created this opportunity in our community. Vote Yes for the tireless people who give generously of their time and who take action every day to make a positive constructive contribution to our community.
Help create our future. Vote Yes on June 7th or 14th.

Shannon Boschy