Doctor quick to dispense assurances about water quality–thebn


by admin on March 31, 2011

The Editor,


As a property owner and long-time resident of Chelsea, Quebec I am concerned about the future water quality of the Gatineau River.

Some years ago, after swimming in the river, I slipped getting out and cut my knee on a rock, badly enough to require a few stitches.

I was treated by Dr. Stuart Geggie in Wakefield and asked him about the possibility of the cut becoming infected.

When he heard I cut it while swimming in the Gatineau River, he was able to assure me.

“Don’t worry,” he told me. “We never see infections like that from the Gatineau.”

My question is: If the proposed sewage plant is built near the shore of the Gatineau River in Farrellton, would our doctors be able to give us the same assurance?


Joan Eddis-Topolski

Chelsea, Quebec