Donating time and talent one way to defray community-centre costs in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on September 8, 2010

The Editor,

Re “Community Centre May Slash Amenities” (Aug. 25 edition):

I read the article with interest and couldn’t help noticing the parallel problems between Wakefield, Quebec and the Meredith Centre in my own community of Chelsea, Quebec. But there’s one big difference: Wakefield is a “come together when it counts” village.

Why not, as proven by the various talents in the Wakefield area, market the community-centre shortfall as a type of humanitarian project – right here on our own turf? Why not ask people in the community to donate their time and talent to help build parts of the centre in order to cut down on costs, instead of trying to get them to dig deeper into their pockets?

Lynda Kennedy

Chelsea, Quebec