Don’t cut off Wakefield, Quebec from Masham


by admin on March 31, 2010

The Editor,
While much of the talk about the corridor across the upcoming multi-lane highway between Wakefield, Quebec and the Gatineau Park is warranted, and the proposed reception area on the NCC  ”forgotten hill” is a great idea, there is another perspective that is worth considering.

While residents on the west side of this great municipality of ours have good access to the park, the concern is access to another gem, Wakefield itself. As avid cyclists, our route to the village is via the trail system and the existing corridor is the only way into town.  A cohesive strategy must be adopted so that this concrete ribbon does not cut us in half.

So often these highways separate and isolate one area from another for all but automobiles. We can’t let that happen.

Andre Ferraton

Masham, Quebec