Driver faces fourth DUI charge


by Trevor Greenway on October 22, 2009

A 46-year-old Edelweiss man is facing his fourth impaired driving charge after he blew twice over the legal blood-alcohol limit of .08 Oct. 14.

The driver had already been convicted of drunk driving twice before and was awaiting trial on a third drunk driving charge from 2008 when an MRC des Collines Police patrol car noticed his car swerving on Edelweiss Rd. at around 3 a.m. Oct. 14. The officer attempted to pull the car over, but it wasn’t that easy.

“The officer tried to pull the vehicle over, but he didn’t want to stop,” said MRC des Collines Police spokesperson Martin Fournel.

The patrol signaled at the Edelweiss Golf Course, but the man kept driving, leading officers to the Edelweiss ski hill before coming to a stop.

Fournel added that the incident wasn’t exactly a chase, but said that, when pulled over, the driver still wasn’t compliant with the officer’s demands.

“He resisted arrest,” said Fournel, adding that he wouldn’t put out his cigarette asked to by officers.

When officers had him exit the vehicle, they noticed that he was wobbling and stumbling along the road. He initially refused the Breathalyzer test on site and refused to get in the patrol car. He also uttered threats to the officers.

Officers managed to get him in the back of their car and took him to the Wakefield police station for processing, where they administered two Breathalyzer tests.

The driver’s test came back twice over the legal limit; his license was automatically suspended for 90 days and his car seized for a month.

The driver, Allan Burke of Edelweiss, was detained for the rest of the evening until his court appearance later that day. During his court appearance, Burke pleaded guilty to two counts of drunk driving, including the outstanding charge from 2008, but the crown prosecutor in the case objected to his release and Burke was detained for another night at a provincial prison in Hull. Burke then made an appearance at a bail hearing Oct. 15, where he was released on “strict conditions,” said Fournel.

Burke is scheduled to appear in court  Jan. 20, 2010 for sentencing on charges of two counts of drunk driving, obstruction of justice and uttering threats to an officer.

Burke was also given a $264 fine for insulting the officer who pulled him over.

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