Eco campus unique opportunity for Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on March 10, 2010

The Editor,

Re: Wakefield, Quebec’s next tough question: industrial park or eco campus? March 3, edition

Eco Echo’s vision for an Environmental Campus at Minnes’ farm is an absolute, unique and essential opportunity for Wakefield /La Pêche to seize upon, to show leadership in transition to a sustainable community; a project dedicated to integration of society and culture, environmental health and fiscal management.

There are many examples of similar previous projects to learn from, each with their own success.  Whole Village near Caledon, Ont. is a condo-style development located on a large organic farm.  Black Creek Urban Market Farm in Toronto is the first organic farm in Toronto that produces organic food for the Jane / Finch neighbourhood.

Everdale near Hillsburgh, Ont. is probably the best example of an environmental learning centre in Canada that has been offering environmental education programs for the past 15 years, where the property itself is an organic farm and a centre for green architecture!

Eco Echo is poised to become Quebec’s leader in environmental education through real-life example.  Congratulations to Eco Echo and the people of Wakefield / La Pêche!

Brad Peterson, environmental landscape architect

Guelph, Ont.