Effluent in Gatineau River threat to sink tourism


by admin on March 31, 2011

The Editor,

The “proposed” Wakefield, Quebec sewage plant is a certainty. Note that funding has been allocated to design a swimming pool at the Masham hockey arena. Once the Gatineau River is no longer suitable for swimming, the La Peche mayor will reveal that residents will soon have a new indoor swimming facility at Masham. What a hero.

The MRC mayors meeting in April will be a review of how to proceed with the Wakefield sewage plant construction in as fast a manner as possible to limit the political input of La Peche residents. Once built, it will be too late for the Gatineau River.

The mayors meeting will not be a review of La Peche residents’ concerns, nor of their suggestions on how to minimize sewage plant emissions.

What tourist will want to paddle a canoe or water ski at Wakefield then? The economic damage to the Wakefield tourist economy will be massive and crippling.

The Wakefield sewage plant pollution of the Gatineau River will be followed by a series of class-action lawsuits against the Municipality of La Peche and the MRC by waterfront property owners and Wakefield business owners for financial compensation.

These MRC mayors who have approved this sewage pollution of the Gatineau River are not fit to hold office.


Norman Bourgault

Wakefield, Quebec